1. Female who owns too many hand bags/purses/totes etc.
2. A girl who is attracted to douche bag guys.
3. Gay man who accompanies rich women on shopping trips in order to be associated with fabulous shopping bags.
4. A bag whore, who once, was at least good-looking, but whose looks, are now, suffering.

Aren’t we all baghags in a way?


Mulberry Alexa

345 EUR / Out of stock.

Beautiful, classy Alexa tote by Mulberry. This bag is in gorgeous sturdy camel-coloured leather that matches any outfit. It is in very good condition, with one detail missing; the shoulder belt is missing a clasp, so for the bag to be used with the long strap, this needs to be fixed by a cobbler (the two pieces of the strap need to be sewn together, which can be arranged by baghag on demand). Other than that, this bag is looking great! Big enough for all your daily necessities, and timeless to last you a lifetime.