1. Female who owns too many hand bags/purses/totes etc.
2. A girl who is attracted to douche bag guys.
3. Gay man who accompanies rich women on shopping trips in order to be associated with fabulous shopping bags.
4. A bag whore, who once, was at least good-looking, but whose looks, are now, suffering.

Aren’t we all baghags in a way?


Louis Vuitton Monogram Keepall 55 Bandoulière

525 EUR / In stock.

The infamous weekend/travelbag by Louis Vuitton in the classic monogram print. This bag has proven to be the easiest travel partner for those who want to look classy at all times. It is lightweight, has an adjustable shoulder strap and can be locked. This is the size 55, perfect to use as handluggage. This Keepall has been used, which shows on the leather (some markings below the handles, please view photo's) and the leather has turned to a beautiful honey colour. Both the canvas and the leather are in very good condition. Comes with long strap, name tag, leather loop, lock and dustbag. A full set! Current retailprice 1300 euro.