1. Female who owns too many hand bags/purses/totes etc.
2. A girl who is attracted to douche bag guys.
3. Gay man who accompanies rich women on shopping trips in order to be associated with fabulous shopping bags.
4. A bag whore, who once, was at least good-looking, but whose looks, are now, suffering.

Aren’t we all baghags in a way?


***SOLD***Balenciaga Weekender

695 EUR / Out of stock.

Stunning Weekender bag by Balenciaga, which is the largerst size available of this style. The colour is dark grey (almost black) and the leather is incredibly soft and smooshy. This bag is in good condition, with small signs of usage on the leather, but overall it still looks very beautiful. The corners and handles are still without damage. Perfect as a daily carry-all or as an overnight bag.